Ziggurat Delivery is designed with the idea that living in a small house emphasizes
the relationship with the exterior surrounding. A relationship that changesin connection with the
climatic seasons.
With this in mind, we designed a cabin that is divided in two independent spaces; each one with an independent structure.
These spaces are located one over the other. The upper one is for sleeping and the bottom one is intended to be used throughout the day for our everyday activities.
A small cabin with minimum space induces us to reduce the comfort needs to the basic functions and to adapt the space to the different climatic condition and to our different living needs.
Less living space is connected to a more stronger relationship with the exterior surrounding, as we can see in many historical examples.
The bottom space is less isolated with a lighter structure and more open to the exterior; designed with an open plan around the central fireplace and a kitchen or heater, hosting the public and common activities.
This space is a filter between the exterior and the more closed space of the sleeping area, changing the behavior depending on the season.
For instance, in cold seasons it will be cozier and close around the fireplace and in hot seasons it will be more open and ventilated, giving space to the open-air activities.
The sleeping space is more insulated and smaller instead, on the upper level, which is connected with a ladder and more intimate and protective.
The heat is provided by the fireplace on the ground level (giving heat the possibility to travel upwards) and by the chimney, which is in the center of the sleeping module.
The structure is made of a wooden skeleton, built by replicating similar wooden frames, made by beams of 8x8cm and with the use of simple measures and simple nodes for speeding up the construction and reducing the cost.

For: Hello Wood Festival

Where: Hungary, Csóromfölde

Participants: Jagoda Borkowska, Asli Candan, Barış Doğa Çam, Didem Güneş Yilmaz, Amy Hickery, Martin Kral, Kartikai Majithia, Šárka Malošíková, Karoline Marken Smenes, Nikolaj Srdić Kranjc, Linda Sze-To, Eda Ünal

When: 2018