A great shelter in Arte Sella is a competition project for Calamity Atelier in Arte Sella.
The big roof and the existing complexity of the art works in Arte Sella become the elements to create a relationship with the new buildings.
The project emphasises the dialogue between the ground level, the interior ad the roofs with the pre-existence of the place.
The big roof identifies and give continuity to the different buildings, is design as a big shelter with skylights to give a relationship with the nature and with a different structural complexity according to the inner program.
The wood has been select as a material to create a continuity with the tradition of Arte Sella, the nature and the passing of time.
The restaurant and the Auditorium/workshop are thought as a gate of entrance in a dialogue with the existing restaurant and the part most open of the landscape, the clearing.
Is emphasise the verticality of the roofs and the inside spaces with an inner structural complexity to make it as a reference point and an easy access to the visitors.
The museum keep the same external geometry of the auditorium/workshop but with a development of a different inner structure to give a constructive simplicity and a formal link with the other buildings.
Both structures can be openable on all sides to create a link with the surrounding exterior and the change of seasons.
All the windows open on a perimetrical corridor as a space in between the exterior and the interior.
In the warm seasons it will be totally open, becoming one with the outside, in cold seasons it will be totally closed.
The houses atelier keep the same language and they are related with the more closed and wild part of landscapes, the forest.
They are isolated between them and they are developed in height as a tower with different levels to make a gradual transition from an open place to a private and isolated place.
Everything rotates around a central structure with the intern staircase, from the ground level is physically open to the surrounding landscape, at the first floor are located the housing functions, at the second floor is located the studio and finally at the last level is located the bedroom with a zenith view of the sky.
They are thought as minimal houses that reduce the inner space ad increase the relationship with the landscape and surrounding nature.
The constructive technique has been thought in a modular system to facilitate the realizatdion and to be able to build it with simple tools and in short time.

Competition project: Finalist mentions

For: Arte Sella

When: 2019